Virginia Zanotti

I was born on April 9th 1981 in Cesena (FC), Italy.

I earned a diploma as a Fashion professional in 2000, keeping up with painting and drawing classes at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, Romagna Academy and privately, with Maestro Domenico Cancelli, through the years.

I worked in the fashion industry as textiles decorator and as a style researcher. My passion for mosaic strengthened up during 2004, also thanks to some inspiration I drew from travels and partnerships that eventually drove me to undertake and refine new techniques.

I contributed to the project of the Mohammed Al Ameen Mosque in Dubai and Muscat. I am still an active participant in the Chiesa dello Spirito Santo project in Indicatore, Arezzo which is bound to become the most extended floor mosaic in Europe, and is presently covering an area of 240 square meters.

My work, research and study experiences have brought me to create a sort of innovative, non-conventional mosaic which includes different materials and techniques to enhance the expressive developments of this craft. I do take commissions.

I make portraits, floor and wall inserts, frames, mirrors, lamps and accessories in my studio. I coordinate mosaic workshops for individuals, schools and associations both in Italy and abroad.

“Breaking matter apart to put it back together again and create a brand new image smells like magic, and I just can’t do without it anymore!”